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Remember when I tried to return to DA? Ha, that didn't last long. But hey, I'm not trying to make a comeback right now, I'm just checking in. 
A lot has happened, and a lot has changed. I've changed a lot. Physically and mentally. 

I started testosterone earlier this year. Monday will be my 9 months. Some of you probably wouldn't recognize me (unless you've seen a recent picture of me lately). My voice has dropped, I'm begging to sprout scrappy facial hair, my muscles have gotten bigger and my shoulders and neck have broadened. I could go on, but I won't. 

Top surgery is possibility for 2015, so that's exciting.

I've gotten very involved in LGBT activism, in fact I work at a LGBT after school program now. 

I went through a 2 and a half year relationship, and recently lost it, and now I'm in the early stages of a new one. This time it's not long distance. 

Still in school, this is my 5th year of it. Unfortunately I won't be graduating this year either. 

Went to therapy for a bit, over transition related issues and non. Planning on starting that up again.

Not sure what else to include, I tried to keep this pretty condensed. It's 3am and I'm not in the mood to be all touchy feely about this. 

Not sure why I even made this journal, I guess I miss people here, but it's been so long I don't even know who's still around. 
I wouldn't mind a message from an old friend.

edit: also I just want to add that I fucking hate this new layout

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